About Me

Hi! My name is Carly…welcome to my blog: ‘Daddy Makes Four’

‘Daddy Makes Four’ was born after I was told time after time you are such a ‘relaxed mom’ after laughing while sharing stories of my adventures at home with my 3 boys…well 4! Dad counts too! He is in fact my biggest boy! In a house with all boys, adventure abounds and energy is high, at least from the male population. I am the last out of bed and as my husband says ‘doesn’t know where the vacuum is’ so I am probably not pulling my weight in the housekeeping side either.

I am trying to navigate this thing called motherhood and parenthood and I am lucky to be doing it with 3 beautiful boys, the most spirited husband I could find (and believe me, I found him in Australia so I’ve looked far and wide) and deciding what is getting me through is laughing!

A few fun stats about me:

  • After months of Meatless Mondays we are now vegetarian/well pescatarian, we do eat fish – “because if we don’t the sharks will, and we don’t like sharks,” said by boy #4, Dad!
  • I am on the fence about over-exposure of my children on social media…after all they don’t have a say about what I share on their behalf. I am trying a year without faces on Instagram (@daddymakesfour)
  • My idea of relaxing is a fruity drink with lots of ice and a magazine (or 5).
  • I’m American and Australian…wishing I could divide my body in half to get the best of both worlds…but it is in New England I find myself now…
  • Disappointingly I have had 3 caesarian births…the first emergency, the second agreed to under pressure and the third…cause after 2 you don’t really have a choice.
  • I am an aspiring Children’s Book Author with too many ideas and too little time.
  • And I wish I could make a living just being nice…but until then I am a project manager by day and an aspiring blogger by night.

So I hope you can join me in navigating this thing called motherhood…or parenthood…or just hiding under your hoodie.


Carly xx



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