A Coffee Confession

I have a confession…I am a coffee drinker! Yes it is true. I am officially announcing that as of today I am no longer ashamed to say “I DRINK COFFEE!” Baby #3 has done it to me. He has pushed me over the edge…no longer are my energy levels maintained by fruits, vegetables and the joy of chasing around two little ones. Signs of a caffeine interested started to show its ugly head during pregnancy #2 with minimal cravings for iced coffee towards the end of my third trimester, but it quickly subsided once my little angel arrived. Pregnancy #3 marked the beginning of the end.

Coffee-National-Coffee-DayThis confession is mainly to my friends/colleagues in Australia. When I lived there from 2004 to 2010 I made it very clear that I was NOT a coffee drinker. As an expat making home in Australia I was frequently annoyed and frustrated that EVERYONE seemed to drink coffee. You think America has a coffee addiction! I constantly complained to my husband that everyone drinks coffee! Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Why is everyone telling me “We should get a coffee sometime,” I would rant when I got home … “why does everyone say that to me? I don’t even drink coffee!” I used to tell that to new acquaintances when they would make the offer too. My husband would have to translate for me: “Carly; you know they are really just saying ‘we should hang out some time’. You don’t have to drink coffee to meet them for a visit. It’s the way we say, hey, I think you’re cool, we should hang out some time! Coffee is just a good excuse to sit down and chat.” No matter how many times he would tell me that, I just wouldn’t budge!

In my defense…I did have a few reasons not to drink it:

  1. I honestly thought it tasted burnt. I did LOVE the smell of coffee, but when I would give it a try , I would take a sip and then eew…that nasty after taste would hit!
  2. In the past when I tried a sip/cup here and there I would drink it and shortly after my heart would be racing! Literally pumping out of my chest. I didn’t like this feeling, it made me feel very out of control of my body it kind of freaked me out a bit.

Fast forward to 2015, working 30 hours a week, chasing two young boys around at home and carrying around 40+ pounds of pregnancy with me, I found myself sitting at my work desk with droopy eyes! A few more frequent iced coffees turned into the occassional luke warm FrenchVanilla coffee then 15 months after my 3rd son’s arrival and I am a two coffee a day hot, cold, old, new coffee drinker! Being outnumbered at home with the leadership of our energetic daddy it seems I had but one choice!

And now, I can’t seem to get enough. Yum yum yum.

Happy National Coffee Day!



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