Putting Up A Tent – Family Style

Have you ever wondered why families with young children are always late or take so much longer to get things done than families with no children or older children? EVERYTHING takes longer! Get out the door, eat dinner, get through the grocery store…the examples are endless. I think I was able to capture the perfect example of the reason efforts take so long with children in the picture.

The opportunity to capture this elongated process presented itself when a new tent arrived at our home one Wednesday evening and daddy decided that we should immediatley figure out how it is assembled…ofcourse, this replaced bath time and book time and relax before bed time! But you know, who needs to keep a routine…afterall it is summer (says daddy)!

Here is the daddy makes four explanation of why things take so much longer with children!

7:08 pm: Open the tent and pull out the poles, examine the poles…if you’re 12 months old…do a little dance!20160629_191021

7:12pm: Wait until all the children have an opportunity to examine the poles…pretend to go fishing with them…of course!

20160629_1908517:23pm: Pick your spot and lay out the tent – allow for a release of the excitement valve by letting them crawl in and pretend the new tent is a parachute! Maybe we don’t need poles! Could the kids hold the tent up all night? 20160629_1910597:35pm: Locate the tent pegs…turn around to find your toddler practicing playing drums with the tent pegs! Try to pry the pegs out of his hands…decide the screaming that ensues is not worth the fight and proceed with the tent set-up minus 2 tent pegs.


7:42pm: Let your middle and oldest assist you in getting the tent pegs into the ground.


7:43pm: Monitor them closely, instruct them on how to hammer without crushing a toe, a thumb or accidently hitting an unsuspecting bystander in the process!

20160629_1916297:51pm: Take a supervising adult out of the picture to distract your toddler so the poles and tent pegs can be freed!20160629_1913117:58pm: Pretend that you have the confidence in your Pre-Schooler to untangle the tent pole supports…I mean we didn’t really want the tent to be secured down to the ground tonight! Tomorrow should be good too, right?


8:01pm: Put the windows through quality testing…PASS the nose test! 20160629_195409

8:03pm: Verify that the room divider works…20160629_195607(0)

8:07pm: Question why there is an ‘extra’ tent pole?20160629_200956

8:11pm: Decide that the extra tent pole really is an extra pole and consider the job complete!


9:45pm: Reap the benefits of tent assembly lessons! Resized_20160629_215345_003

Tent up…pajamas on…enjoy being boys and exploring the world of camping!



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