Saving Our Polar Bears

I am all about the environment and try to do my part. We composte at home, are vegetarian for environmental reasons as well as for health and being kind to animals, we recycle, turn off the tap when we brush our teeth! Small things but hopefully they all add up!

Sometimes the kids learn about impacts to the environment and how we can make a difference and I am not prepared for it! Take Saturday night for example:

C and D were in the bath together. All sounded happy and calm, then I noticed that the bathroom light was off and they were bathing in the dark. So being a helpful mommy I walked in and turned on the light, as I crossed the doorway to check on them D started yelling at me:

“You’ll kill the Polar Bears!! Turn the lights off!” I didn’t know what was happening. I started looking around…what Polar Bears? Is this a game…we don’t have Polar Bears in the bathroom! In a state of shock I lurched towards the light switch and as I switched it off calm seemed to be restored.

I was very confused. Together C and D started putting the story of the Polar bears together for me…and I began to understand that C had recently educated D about wasting energy and global warming and not to keep a light on if it isn’t necessary.

I am so pleased to know they care for the environment and Polar Bears…but I think I need to help D work on his communication approach a bit. You gotta give him credit for his enthusiasm!

Oh and they finished the bath with the lights off!



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