Secure It!

When the news shares a story about the death of a child/ren it is always heart wrenching. No matter the cause of death, it pulls at an extra heart-string and when you then learn it could have been avoided it is even worse. It hits home even closer when the story is about a child your own child’s age. It was that sick to your stomach, hug your children extra long tonight feeling I felt tonight when reading about the Ikea recall, and that it took the death of 6 children to get the item out into the media! It also brought me right back to the time I went running into the bedroom when C was calling out for help with a tone in his voice that I knew couldn’t be ignored – it was real, and when I appeared in the bedroom I found him holding up the dresser that had just tipped over onto his little brother! I am still finding Lego pieces in the top drawer from that incident. It stopped my heart, and I hope it will stop you in your tracks too!

So to all the parents out there that love Ikea, who troll over their catalog like a monthly magazine subscription and dream about the day your home will look as organized, clean and spunky as just one of their pages! I urge you to get online, pause your Pinterest pinning and Instagram scrolling for 2 minutes! That is literally all it took me – 2 minutes to order my Ikea dresser wall secure kits!

Go here:  Enter a few details, you don’t even need a receipt, purchase date or any real memory of your Ikea purchase at all! Here is my submission, SIMPLE and DONE:

Secure It

THEN – when your Secure It! Kits arrive, INSTALL THEM! I’ll share when ours arrive and they get installed.

Be safe – xx


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