Creativity to the Rescue!

Well – I am officially feeling old! No, not because I am closer to 40 than 30, not because D tells me “You getting old, Mama” and proceeds to demand I squat down so he can examine my grey hair…I am feeling old because I have been invited to the first wedding of a neighbor I used to babysit! How is it possible that I am old enough to be attending the wedding of a child I used to babysit!?! All that aside…I am super excited because I am about to get crafty with the bridal shower gift and I am pumped about it! (this is also my first post about one of my DIY ideas! Fun!!)

I had two challenges with her Bridal Shower:

  1. She is moving to Hawaii shortly after her wedding, and being on the inner circle of accomplishing a move of such magnatude and distance, I am well aware of the challenges a move like this can present. As such, I did not want to give her a gift that she would need to ship, box up and store away here at home, or need the hastle of returning.
  2. The Bridal Shower Invitation said “Please Bring Gift Unwrapped for Everyone to See!

My solution to challenge #1 was resolved when I found personalized luggage tags on They were perfect! Light, practical and possibly one of the first gifts they will get with their new last name together! Out of curiousity, I went to one of her registries and saw that it had a ‘Dream Fund‘ – an online gift card I could contribute to that the couple can shop with at a later point. Perfect! Money and gift cards travel easy!

Challenge #2 took a bit more creativity!  How do I bring my gift to the shower unwrapped when it will look so little and ‘value-less’.  I kicked the left side of my brain into action…here is what I came up with!

I needed a way to display the luggage tags so they fit in with all the other gifts on the table. Luggage tags, luggage tags…a suitcase! I need to display them on a suitcase. Real suitcase…too big. Kids suitcase…too hoaky. I will make a suitcase! To the recycling bin I went!!

A graham cracker box was the first thing to jump out at me! That would function as the form for my suitcase. Sourcing a few other craft materials I started my project with the below items:


Next was to cover the suitcase and make a strap! Packaging brown paper covered the box and an off cut of vegan leather with a few little heart studs finished off the strap! Now I had a clean slate to decorate.

Getting Crafty - The Box

Getting Crafty - The Strap

Aiming for a Hawaiian theme I added some surfboards, and their married initial ‘B’ and ofcourse made a quick reference to the additional portion of the gift which was a donation to their Dream Fund.

Getting Crafty - Hawaii

Getting Crafty - Details

The finished Product.

Getting Crafty - The Final Product

My suitcase on the gift table!



Have you had to get creative with a gift? I would love to hear about it!





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