‘Working Dad’

2016 Fathers Day

I am a ‘Working Mom’, there is no question about that. I work Monday through Friday out of the home as a Project Manager, my husband and I have coordinated our schedules so that I dash out of the house early before bus pick-up, and pre-school and daycare drop-off. It’s a madhouse I leave behind for Dad to orchestrate! And he does it, 5 days a week! Which, on this Father’s Day leads me to wonder, why hasn’t society coined the phrase ‘Working Dad’?

Dads today are much more involved in family life than (from what I am told) they ever were before. My Grandmother said it about the new dads in our family, as she watched her grandchildren become parents. My husband is much more than just a Dad or just the breadwinner! While being my biggest ‘Boy’ he is also on most days:

  • Head Chef and frequently dish washer
  • Operator of the vacuum and Swiffer to our floors
  • Chief Lego architect
  • Laundry basket carrier
  • ‘Shazamer’ of our house from war zone to tidy
  • Weekend breakfast extraordinaire
  • T-Ball coach in the Spring, soccer coach in the fall
  • Front yard tree swing establisher
  • Lawn mower and weed wacker operator
  • Wiper blade fixer
  • Basement fort builder – I could go on…

He’s just the best, and he does all the above while at home. 40+ hours a week he is out of the house at his day job  earning a much needed pay check, carrying our benefits and contributing to our retirement savings and boys’ college funds. If he isn’t a ‘Working Dad’…I don’t know what is. We love you! Thanks for all you do!! xxxx



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